About Us

The Wilkinsons are a family of six living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here’s a little info on the two and four that make the six.


A mid-30’s father and database administrator that still feels likes he’s 18 (unless he gets out of bed wrong and hurts his back or something).  He has worked in IT most of his adult life and understands “kids these days” less and less each year. Mark’s childhood career aspirations included being a marine biologist or a secret agent. Neither of those things happened, but he currently has an awesome job at ChannelAdvisor in Morrisville North Carolina, working with awesome people, and working with ludicrous amounts of data.

Mark’s interests include trying to keep his children’s curiosity alive in spite of the public school system, cooking, technology, beer, and consuming large amounts of coffee.



A 30 something mom, that’s not sure how she got here.  After working in retail management for almost 10 years with the now defunct Borders Books, she found herself trying to figure out what she wanted to “be” when she grew up.  She started working part time at a local cloth diaper/natural parenting store (The Little Seedling) while she tried to find herself.  On a whim she and Mark decided they were up for an adventure and moved 700 miles away from Michigan to Raleigh, North Carolina.  The fresh start is just what she needed. In the three years since the move, shes spawned another child and survived through the sleep deprivation that is called “infancy”.  Still trying to decide what her she’s going to do when she grows up, but for now she’ll settle on helping her kids grow up.

Crystal’s interests include, being at the beach, baking delicious things, and watching her children learn new things.  She has a passion for advocating for food allergy awareness and child passenger safety. She survives on coffee, sarcasm, and wine.



Zoe is 10 years old and loves all things science, arts and crafts, and anything creative. She loves reading, particularly fantasy series, like Wings of Fire.  When shes’s not at school she can be found building Lego dragons in her room and trying get some space from her siblings.

She’s developing into a smart, thoughtful, and caring pre-teen.  When she grows up she wants to be an Astronaut or a Scientist. Her favorite foods include ribs and green chili chicken. She really dislikes when things are messy.  When asked how she feels about being a part of a big family she says “I don’t really know. I sort of dislike it.”

Oliver (Ollie)


Oliver is 7 years old and lives and breaths all things baseball.  He also enjoys being outside and playing Lego.  He likes to read about and talk about Pokemon. He also loves helping cook, especially “Ollie Safe” foods to accommodate his food allergies. When not in school you can usually find him outside tossing a baseball around.

Oliver is often found playing with Isabel and helping her lean how to do new things, the two of them have a special bond. When he grows up he wants to be a scientist. His favorite foods are pancakes, spaghetti, and pizza. He really dislikes peas and homework. When asked what the best part of having a brother and two sisters is he says: “I can play with them” the worst part is “Them yelling at me in my ear. Sometimes Elijah does that.”

Elijah (Eli)

Elijah is going on 5 years old and always excited about life.  He’s almost always smiling and loves to snuggle.  He loves building with Duplo blocks, helping mom bake and being read to.  His favorite books are the Elephant and Piggy series.  He is starting full time preschool this year and excited to go to school with Zoe and Oliver.

In his free time Eli likes to “do art” such as cutting pieces of paper into small pieces and then taping them back together and to go outside and hunt bugs. When he grows up he wants to be “an asteroid because I really want to go into outer space. Because I haven’t seen it. Outer space is really fun.” His favorite foods include pancakes and “only pancakes”. He dislikes “nothing”. When asked how he felt about having lots of brothers and sisters he said “its good, I like to play with them.”

Isabel (Bits)


Isabel is two years old and definitely claimed her spot as “the baby” of the family. Isabel likes to get her way and make her siblings do exactly what she wants.  She loves being outside and playing in her water table and the tub (baby pool).   She also likes to play with stuffed animals and dance and “hear songs”.

Isabel earned her nickname “Bits” because of her love of the song Itsy Bitsy Spider, and it evolved from there.  We rarely call her by her real name and wonder if this will create a complex later in life.  She’s learning new skills every day and perfecting the art of the toddler tantrum. Her favorite foods include cheese, chicken rice casserole, and fruit. She dislikes not getting her way when she wants it. When asked how she feels about having brothers and a sister she said “yeah?”